Friday, November 21, 2008

A cupcake variety:) There should be one for everyone's taste here.


Stephanie said...

Oh I really like these! Colorful cupcakes :)
now I've got to work hard to make them as perfect *sigh*

Christel Jensen said...

Hi Stephanie Thank you:) Are cupcakes popular in France? I have just added you to my favorite blogs:)

rosanna said...

Hi Christel, they are absolutely lovely :-)))
I cannot stop looking at them!
Do you mind if I put yours on my blog? I'm opening it and I would love to share your photos with my friends Rosanna

Christel Jensen said...

Hi Rosanna
Thank you:)
Sure you can. Lets share the sweets;)

Miriam :) said...

de så kjempe gode ut :)

Rachel said...

Hi Christel,

I got a blog award and passes it to your blog, please check the detail out:

Rachel :)