Saturday, July 25, 2009

Dinner party

I had a dinner party for some of my friends. I am glad we all manage to get together even tough it is in the middle of summer. The weather was so nice. We had a good time with good food and drinks.
As I just returned from Paris I am still in the " French mood" and I assume that is not hard to see the influence;) I liked the idea of just laying a rock on the napkin. Decorative, simple and still practical.

Seating area on my porch. I did move this around for the party.


kimsminiatures said...

Lovely Christel. You can stay in your French mood it suits you. What a nice way for friends to get together. I love the rock on the napkin. Your pictures make me smile. Happy weekend!

marlies said...

Looks to me you and your friends had a great time, the table looks great!
* marlies

rosanna said...

I love your porch. It's dreamy for me. How I wish I did not live in a flat!

Christel Jensen said...

Hi, glad you liked it. Did you notice the little error in the picture?..I did put the knives on the other side, but obviously after I took the picture;)