Thursday, July 9, 2009


A beautiful painting on top of the carousel. This is just before all the stairs up to Sacré-Coeur

I love carousels. Not riding them but just the joy of looking at them. This is a very good example. With just the right amount of coloring and loads of details.

The sweetest dollhouse shop also at Montmartre. The owner Lea Frisoni has also made one in miniature. Fantastic. She is very talented, good with coloring and making houses. If you haven't seen her book or website yet check it out.

Both me and my daughter got caught by this house. It was something about the patina, just lovely if you ask me...


Linda Carswell said...

Christel your photos bring back such pleasant memories. The carousels in France are amazing, I also share your love of them, and of course I 'had' to have several visits to Lea's shop...she has beautiful miniatures houses!! Your photos are lovely, thank you. x

Christel Jensen said...

Hi Linda
Lol if you look closely on photo of Leas shop, you will see me chatting on phone, husband "patiently" waiting, and June my youngest snapping the shot;)
I could go back anytime:)
Thanks for stopping by:) Hugs.

Linda Carswell said...

I see you!!!
I have found that I am in several of my own photos, as I have been taking the shot, or on other photos I have found my husband hidding, he makes sure he is just in the photo...I should 'post' one, that may be a way to stop him in the future...funny thing is he usually hides behind a carousel!!
P.S...don't go back to Paris without me!!!
Linda x

Paris Miniatures said...

it's always a delight to walk in this area of Paris!It's so unbelievable that this is almost the only miniature shop in Paris!!!

Liberty Biberty said...

Beautiful photos Christel, thanks for showing them. I dream of going there one day.