Thursday, September 10, 2009

Give away

I like to bake both in large and small life. I am sure that is no secret anymore;) My husbands favorite are banana crumb muffins. They are so good if you like the banana flavor. You must use three ripe bananas, and somehow I very often have that on hand..hmm I wonder if someone is collecting them;) Here you have them in its glory. I also have included the recipe I use below. The recipe is also found on my favorite cooking site of all: Allrecipes

Just the right texture, crunchy on top and moist on the inside.

Here I have made similar muffins in miniature. These are with chocolate chips too. These could be yours if you answer this question. What project am I up to now? I will give you a couple of hints: It's in a room box and involve food and animal. Hope it is not to easy or too hard. I will pick a winner amongst the correct answers the 20th September, and send you this plate of mini muffins:)
Good luck and happy baking, let me know if you try the banana muffins recipe.

Click on it to make the recipe larger.


nikkinikkinikki72 said...

Yum, yum, they look so delicious. I will make some to try myself. I adore cookies and muffins!

kimsminiatures said...

These look so delicious Christel. Thanks so much for the recipe too. I can't wait to try it. We love muffins in our house too! I wrote you a message on my blog but I thought I should write it here to just in case. Have you seen all the fun new cake cookbooks not yet released yet on amazon? I know you collect cookbooks like I do. I'm sure you have probably already seen them. Sorry I do not know your project but your give away is a lovely treasure. Someone will be very lucky to have it. Every dollhouse can use yummy muffins made by you :)
Hugs~ Kim

rosanna said...

Hi Christel, lovely and yummy muffins as usual.
I shall try to win them: is your project about a kitchen ina egg cabinet? if not, never mind, this is the right occasion to say hallo :o))

Sans said...

I have read your Kitchen in an Egg Cabinet and looooove it :). Is that the one ? Good luck me :):). Your muffins look great, mini or real life.

rudoo said...

Yep, that was guess guess too! The kitchen in the egg cabinet. I am going to some antique stores tomorrow to find one!! Hope I can find something similar here in the US. :-)

kimsminiatures said...

Hello just me again.I would have guessed your kitchen in the egg cabinet but it looks finished. I thought you were asking to guess what new thing you were working on? I'm confused. Muffins are still perfect.Hugs!!!! Kim

Christel Jensen said...

Hi friends:)
I am sorry to confuse you. It is not the kitchen cabinet. That one is finished. It is something new I am working on. Food/animal/France/movie...and very cute:) Now come on this is easy;)
I have not seen the new books Kim. I have got the apple for jams book. It is precious:)

Eva said... yummy....mmmm want something sweet right now!!
I was also a little bit confused because of the kitchen in an egg cabinet so thanks for your comment.
The only think that now comes to my mind is "Ratatouille" (animal, food, movie and French...ha, ha, LOL)
Never mind, the important think is to share minis and thought :)
Mini hugs

Sabine said...

Hello Christel,
I thinks the next project is called “Ratatouille”. I can see it to hardly expect this project finished, I love your beautiful projects.
Excuse for my greyful engisch, I are from the exercise.
Greetings from Vienna

marlies said...

Hi christel, those muffins loking realy yummi, in big and small, I going to try to bake these. Thank you for the recipe!

The project you are working on is Ratatouille, I was looking on the website, great! Are you building that kitchen? I'm verry curious ;D
* marlies

Papillon Bleu said...

Hi Christel! I thought I'd pop in today as it was a little while since my last visit.
And now I see that you've made this beautiful kitchen and that you are making this little "test".
Hmmmm...let me think...
My first thought when you say French kitchen and movie is Ratatouille. I imagine that you are preparing a lovely French kitchen for a mouse or something like this.Something very cute always!
Take care !

Lucid Moon Studio said...

Well, it has already been mentioned, but I thought of Ratatouille also. If not, it would be a cute idea for a miniature scene! I will have to try your muffin recipe...I always buy bananas and they always go bad before I can finish them! Thanks for the giveaway!!


Christel Jensen said...

Bring the suggestions on. Even if it is the same/other or you have posted before:)I will throw something else in the package too;)
Working on the project right now and having lots of fun. One comment about the recipe: You can use canola oil instead of butter in the batter. I usually do as the oil is already liquid and it cuts one step;). Still use butter on the top crunch. Mmmm it is very good.

rosanna said...

I'l try the muffins even though we have to loose some weight after 2 weeks of full Scottish breakfast! I'm sory I did not got the hint sooner, is it too late to join the group an say Ratatouille? I love that mouse!

Reiko said...

Hi Christel.Those cookies looks absolutely yummy. I have to try that receipe. I have tried to find a new answer but most say the only thing that pops into my head is Ratatouille. My kinds just loves that movie. SMILE

Linda Carswell said...

How does every-one know this??? What have I missed out on??? Now I'm getting frustrated, I'm looking, but I'm not findind!!!...and I won't copy other peoples answer!!!

You see Christel, sometimes 'too easy' isn't easy for me!!! lol

Hope the winner enjoys their muffins as it won't be me!

Linda x

..thanks for the chance to win anyway, these are always fun!

Karin F. said..., French, animal, food....
gotta be Ratatouille!

Hope I win. Those cupcakes look so delicious.
Hugs Karin

kimsminiatures said...

Christel~ made the muffins from your lovely recipe. Thanks so much for sharing. The family loved them.Can't wait to see your new project. I love the Ratatouille movie...All the J.getzan copper.
Even if thats not what you are working on I know whatever it is it will be wonderful.

Linda Carswell said...

Okay, I give in....."Ratatouille".

...Have to be in it, to win it!!

Linda x

Christel Jensen said...

Lol, Linda. That's funny. I am glad you joined in teh fun:) How fantastic that you made the muffins Kim. I am so glad to hear that they turned out good:) Today I have baked an apple cake. I picked a lot of apples in a friends garden yesterday. It is almost gone so I think it was good. Thank you everybody:) You are great!

Papillon Bleu said...

If I play twice do I double my chances?
It is good fun ! love it!

Lynn B said...

Hi Christel,

Yes I think its Ratatouille too!

Please count me in your draw, I absolutely love your blog. I followed one of your videos on You Tube to make my first teapot!

Kind regards
Lynn B

Christel Jensen said...

The winner is Papillion bleu:) Please contact me so I can send your gift:)