Friday, October 2, 2009


I like to collect things. I collect cookbooks, and craft books, interior books...oh well just a whole lot of books;) scarves, Eiffel towers, miniatures, dollhouses, charms, old jugs, DVDs, tools for polymer clay, and as you see here cookie cutters!! I don't make cookies very often, but somehow they are so cute that I just need to have them in every shape....What do you collect?


Kim said...

oh my- that's a loaded question in my case. Amber colored glass, anything with an oak leaf or acorn, miniature tea sets, art supplies, books, ceramic pumpkins, animal shaped salt cellars, coca-cola tin signs, interesting rocks and you can see- I have a problem :) I am getting more selective as I get older and my house is getting more full though. What a fun post Christel♥

Linda Carswell said...

Hi Christel,
Now I don't know if this makes me 'normal' or 'abmormal'...but I don't think I collect any thing...I like lovely books on France/interiors/miniatures etc...and I like to have a nice collection (well, there's that word) of dvd's...and I am even very 'strick' about the miniatures I buy!!!....Gosh...!!! I AM NO FUN!!! not interesting at all.


.....can I collect holidays to France....does that count???

Christel Jensen said...

Hi Kim and Linda:)
How fun to hear what you collect..or lol don't collect. I think you are very fun Linda. Yes on can defiantly collect holidays to France...I did promise not to visit France without you:(..but have to announce that me and my oldest daughter..(ehrm 18, time flies) are going to Paris from the 7th January to the 10th:))) I am collecting it too!! As that is not enough I am going to London Kensington with Synnove for the Christmas fair:) I am very happy right now, and need to pinch my arm....ouch!! I will have a look out for animal salt shakers Kim:)

Ara said...

Hi Christel,

I've really enjoyed your blog... I think this might be one of my first few comments! I collect elephants... I used to scour antique stores for them and it got out of hand.... I refined my collection a bit after that. I only have a couple hundred now! And also my husband and I just got into collected crosses! This was a fun post!! -ara

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

Oooh I beat you so far, I collect
Miniatures and dollhouses of course!
Gothic fairies
Alice Bear shop Bears
Vintage tea pots/coffe pots
Wallace and Gromit items
perfume bottles
art deco antiques
vw model cars
Betty Boop items
American Diner items
Bratz collectors dolls
Disney ceramic figurines
Vinyl albums
Sorry but the list goes on and on and on, our house is one big collection, no minimalism here!! Thats just me, wont even start on John's collections!!
Needless to say when people come to visit they spend hours just looking at everything. They dont come out of our Wallace and Gromit cloakroom for half an hour sometimes we wonder where they are lol xxxxxx Is it healthy??? Maybe not but at least we'll have lots to leave our children!! They threaten to put stickers with their names on the backs of everything they want!!! Kate

Christel Jensen said...

Hi Ara and Kate
I love your collections!! I also love elephants. I must admit that I have been thinking about collecting them. They are the most interesting animals besides of cats in my opinion;) Kate, sounds like you LOVE collecting too. How fantastic creative you all are. I think I collect more than mentioned but cant seem to remember right hard to turn 40!
Guess I should be collecting brain cells...Lol:9

rosanna said...

Well, now I feel myself a poor dummy. I used to collect silver pillboxes, Lilliput Lane houses and dinner plates. I had to stop for sheer lack of space. I still collect books, lots of them but I'm not a huge mini collector. I'm quite picky about them and if I cannot afford what I like I prefer to do without it. I love cookie cutters too and I have "some" of them. Mini hus

Pamela said...

I'm glad to see that others collect cookie cutters...I thought I was a weirdo.

Papillon Bleu said...

I used to collect samples of perfume.I've got over 500!But I have stopped at the oment untill it starts again!
I collect mini dolls and try to gather pieces of old dolls tea sets(they were so fragile that it is rare to find the whole set).When I see a nice stamp,I put it in a box( got your Norwegian ones now!).I love mini carroussels( only have 3 so far...) and also music boxes.And also...oh no! I got to stop!I collect too many things!

cris.sonrie said...

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Christel Jensen said...

I think I have started a collection on carousels also Papillion. I now have three. More than two and it's a collection;)

synnøve said...

The only thing I collect of things you can see, are miniatures and books. Besides that I thinks it´s possible to collect good memories, friends and love!
And our trip to London and the fair, Christel, will provide me with all of the things I collect :D...I am so looking forward to it!!!

Mariella said...

Hellooo Christel, I used to collect cacti and succulents, the real ones, strange, uh?
Moreover since I've started making miniatures I love to collect minis from other artists, the smaller the better!

The Carolina Quilter said...

Mainly dust but also miniatures. Since we have three children and a limited budget just now, I can't collect much but if I could, it would be Majolica plates, platters and bowls.

Mini Leaps and Bounds

Katie said...

Hi Christel! What a fun post! I'm with Jody on the dust!! LOL~ I have quite an extensive collection, ya know! LOL

Besides from that and the stray cats I feed, I have lots of goodies stashed away. There's a Barbie collection for my daughter...and a hotwheel car collection for my oldest son. My youngest son will one day get all the vw's out of that collection. And as for me....Dragonflys! bottles.....and then there's music supplies, and photographs. Not to mention the miniatures I have started collecting, too.

....and then there's that box of clowns that lives under my bed. Mother in Law got confussed and thought I loved clowns, so she started buying them for me...and well, they scare the crap outta me, but for giggles, she still buys them, and we laugh about it! One day I will find a forever home for them.....but for now they will stay where they are, lol!

I could go on and, but those are the most interesting! This was fun! Thanks!


Roberta said...

Hello Christel, I like your minis very much!!!
For your question, well, I collect everything have a cat subject, because cats are my great passion, with minis too.