Saturday, October 17, 2009


Don't you just love this Laduree poster? I don't know if these are all their flavors or if they have more. I just wanted to share this macaroon map;) with you.


Linda Carswell said...

How does any one choose when there are so many wonderful flavors....I would probably go by colour....if they looked pretty they would certainly taste wonderful!!

Linda x

(thought you went to bed....??)

Linda said...

They look so good!!!

I also have an award for you here:

I don't recall if you've received this yet, but you deserve it anyway!


Vane said...

The look amazing! The problem is choosing one! cause you want one, or three..or seven! lol



Arantxa said...

Thank you Christel!!

I love it the poster and Laduree.
I enjoy to much the last Agoust when i gone to Paris.

Please go to my blog ,I award for you

Thank you


Lena said...

Helt otroligt vad du gör fina Macaroons, och för att inte tala om de små askarna till.
Helt underbart goda ser de ut, trots att jag aldrig smakat någon i verkligheten. Roligt med affischen där alla sorterna finns med.


Christel Jensen said...
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Christel Jensen said...

Good morning.
I did go to bed, but got up again Linda;)

Thank you also for the blogawards.

Lena dersom du bor i nærheten av Stockholm så kan du sikkert få tak i dem der. Her i Oslo finnes macaroner på et par franske steder som feks Pascal.

Vane said...


I have an award for you at my blog.



Begoña said...

ummmm, macarons... I love them, I tried to make them a couple of times (in real size life) and are very difficult. I love the chocolate ones

Debbie said...

Thanks for sharing this with us Christel, I've never had a Macaroon!
Just been catching up with your posts, I've missed so much in Blogland. xx

Reisl Today said...

Great Poster! How cute! I just ordered your dvd :) Can't wait to get it and so glad you are sharing your knowledge!