Sunday, October 25, 2009

Tracy Porter

This woman called Tracy Porter is so creative and positive that you just have to love her. I have just watched a couple of her videos online and wanted to share my found with you. Here take a look at the videos of Tracy Porter


dales_dreams said...

Thank you so much for sharing that! I had never heard of her before, but she truly is inspirational. :)

silk purse said...

Hello there from across the ocean!

~ I found you on my dear blogging friends blog; at Papillon Bleu UK BLOG..,
I see you have found the delightful, positive , talented and absolutely amazing Tracy Porter as well!

I used to sell my line of original artwork wholesale at many of the same trade shows in the U.S. where the Tracy Porter lines were sold several years ago now, although I have never met her personally..,

I have watched literally a "gazillion" of her videos for months now and plan to also post them on one of my blogs soon.., I can see why you are promoting her!

Speaking of awesome and talented my dear, you are an amazing artist in your own right!.., I adore your miniatures! I love french macarons!~ how sweet!

In fact, just as I met Papillon Bleu in a similar manner,( when much to my delight, after I had become a follower of hers , she had reciprocated; initially un- benounced to me by posting a lovely "screen shot" of one of my blog postings, and she had keenly observed that most of my digital art creations do in fact have a blue butterfly in them); how delightfully obsrvant of her!~

She's such a sweet lady, I just love her!~ She also sent me a darling little doll of her own creation, as well as a CD of wonderful French music; all for being her 20th follower!

That brings me back to you my dear, while I was perusing her blog today, I noticed your blog button on her sidebar and I thought I'd follow the link..,

Well I was absolutely entranced, as I knew I would be!

I have featured your little blog; The Plumed Pen, as a little special feature for today's theme, on our TUESDAY TEA FOR TWO!.., I ALSO TOOK CARE TO PHOTOCREDIT YOU AND YOUR DELIGHTFUL BLOG; (just as Papillon Bleu UK did for me).~ I hope you enjoy your wee little surprise!

Please do kindly pop by to visit and leave a comment ~I'd love to hear from you!

Cheers from Silken Purse

silk purse said...

Just a little footnote to clarify; I meant to say rather, that I featured you on my blog named, The Plumed Pen;(of course, NOT that YOUR blog is of that name)..,