Monday, January 11, 2010

Paris trip

Back from Paris. My daughter Inez and I had a super time. We stayed at the hotel Napoleon. We went to Laduree, had rose champagne with framboise and it was heaven in a glass.
Of course we bought some cute boxes with macaroons too.
Sales at Lafayette and Printemps and just enjoying Paris for three days.


Papillon Bleu said...

I am so home sick when I see pictures from Paris.This is where I was born.
I've never had rose champagne, but if it is as good as the rose macaroons Mmmmmmmm...indeed: heaven!
It's good to see you've had fun.Your daughter looks so much like you.Very pretty!

cockerina said...

Wowww that luxury!
Lucky you that you're gone, Paris is beautiful, I'd love to come back!
kisses, Caterina

cockerina said...

I ask a favor? I want to make a joke to a friend of mine, who put the recipe for macarons in a cooking site in Italy ... I would like to post a comment about putting a photo of your macarons, in miniature, which seem real !!!... Let's see if she will know?? ah ah!
clearly I will refer to your blog! can I??
thanks, Caterina

Christel Jensen said...

Lol Cocerina I love jokes like that so please go ahead;)
I Love Paris too Papillon. You must try the champagne. It is a "splurge" for sure, but not for everyday and only one glass:)

synnøve said...


miniacollection said...

I'm glad you enjoyed so much your stay in Paris. You know the good places to go to. You were two Parisian women.

cockerina said...

OK thanks! when I prepare the joke, I write to you the site link so I'll see ...
I made a joke like, when I showed my "panettone" .. all believed that it was true!
You see yourself here:

and here:

I tried the champagne, but ... Sorry, I do not like! I prefer the Italian sparkling wine called "Spumante"... do you know?? is sweeter!

PS the last picture macarons ... are true? ah ah!!
kisses, Caterina

Never Enough Time said...

Just looking at those macaroons make me want to plan a trip to Paris.
I am glad that you had such a wonderful time. Your daughter is just as pretty as you are!

marie christine said...

Glad you had a great trip, enjoy the photos of you both !