Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I love glitter

I love many things and one of those things is glitter. I love glitter on makeup, on ornaments and just about everything. I also get very exited walking outside in the evening when there is snow or frost on the ground. Everything looks so perfectly glittered. For my love of "bling" and glitter I hereby serve up some rose cupcakes on glittered letters. Nothing wrong with that..or what?..Do you love "bling" and glitter?

Found this very well spoken quote and wanted to share it with you all.


dale said...

How precious!

I love glitter, too. Any thing shiny! :)

I'm with Peter Pan on this one, I definitely won't grow up. :)

Sans said...

I have juts begun to love glitter ..LOL! Not on clothes though just ornaments :). My phone is encased in full glitter :)

kimsminiatures said...

Lovely Christel. I will never stop playing either! Hugs~ Kim

synnøve said...

Så nydelig de er Christel!!! IGMA?

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

What a wonderful saying Christel! Beautiful cupcakes too. I love bling, and love the fact you can buy edible glitter, I put it on my mince pies this Chirstmas!! Kate xx

Mimmi said...

Ja, hvem liker ikke ting som glitrer? ;-D Kjøpte meg faktisk litt "bling" idag, noen glitrende Cecilie Melli øredobber. Kanskje du har sett dem, med en stor "diamant" i midten og mange små rundt?

Kathi said...

I guess I'll never grow old! I like to play too much!
I love glitter!
I like to see the sunlight sparkling on the ocean like glitter!
Your roses are wonderful!