Monday, March 15, 2010

My little dollhouse room

As promised here is my dollhouse room. This is just a little room in the basement. Nothing fancy but here I have most of my dollhouses. I also have some storage under the tables. I need to pack everything as we are moving. It will be about a year or so until our new house is finished but I do need to concentrate on working on our large house and also some upcoming fairs so I think I will be less visible here in blog land for a while. Though I do plan to have a giveaway when reaching a new round number. We will see if that happens;) Also thank you for the supportive comments to my readers.

                                                        Hope you all have a nice week:)



                         Just a peek inside the mouse house. Someone is busy playing.



Lize said...

A treasure trove! How very lucky you are to have so many pretty houses. I am sure you are not looking forward to packing up, but I am certain your new house has many special things which you are looking forward to. Best of luck for all your new endeavors.

PS It seems like a lot of people in mini-world are contemplating a move, moving at the moment, or have just moved! Strange coincidence?

Jean Day said...

Such is a wonderful room, I would love to peak in every window! I'm sorry to have to pack everything, that will be quite an undertaking. Moving can be a great new adventure though!

contar said...

Hoooo, good it is incredible in this room many of us estariamos hours and hours, looking.
I hope that the movement him does not suppose many disadvantages, and it solves it rapidly,
We will wait for his return eagerly.
An embrace

hoooo, bueno es increible en esa habitacion muchos de nosotros estariamos horas y horas, mirando.
Espero que el traslado no le suponga muchos inconvenientes, y lo solucione rapido,
Esperaremos su regreso con impaciencia.
un abrazo

Belén. said...

OMG, it's incredible and fantastic that room! You can do a city, haha.
Congrats, you had an amazing work with all of that houses ^^

Snowfern said...

oh such a beautiful space for beautiful wee homes ^ ^

miniacollection said...

You are so lucky to have a room just for your dolls'houses. It's just like a little town. You really have got beautiful houses.
In my flat I don't know where I could put more dolls'houses, maybe just one...
You will be very busy soon, it would be a nightmare for me to have to pack all these miniatures.

Debbie said...

Fantastic Christel, so nice to see all your Houses together. Are you going to let us peek inside them?

kimsminiatures said...

Lovely Christel.I know I could happily spend some time in that room. You are such a fan of white. Most my miniature projects end up white. I just love it! White and vintage white. Good luck with your move. Hugs~ Kim

The Old Maid said...

Wow! It's a lot of dollshouses! And it will be a lot of packing and unpacking too!:)

DollMum said...

Definitely the BEST room in your current house. I hope you get a good room in your new home for all your houses.

TINK-SONIA said...

Christel, your collection of doll houses is incredible, you are very lucky to have so much space for your wonderful collection. you have a real treasure, thanks for sharing with us.
A warm greeting, Sonia.

Betty said...

That is a beautiful little village of houses! I wish I have a room like that. You are so lucky :)

Vane said...

OMG Chirstel! You call that a "little doll house room". Is Huge and amazing!. Thanks for sharing, now I want that room for Xmas and Santa is looking at me right now while he prepares for working wondering why Im smiling!. lol
It is beautiful, please if you have time in a future do us a little tour. It is a wonderfull Christel, you are very lucky :)
Patience with the moving.
Hugs from Madrid.


sylvia said...

Now I understand what you mean with a whole town!!
Wonderful to see all the houses yogheter and so nice to have a room for it!
Hugs Sylvia

Liberty Biberty said...

Oh, my goodness Christel!
I don't think I would ever be able to leave that room!
How wonderful!

Kathi said...

What a beautiful room! You have so many pretty houses! I could spend DAYS in here, just looking!

Sumaiya Mehreen said...

just to let you know, my Dollhouse blog ( has moved to My Dream Dollhouse (

synnøve said...

Ååå..jeg kommer og hjelper deg!!!!!

dale said...

My goodness, it is quite the little town in there.

I too, would love to peek inside all of those houses. :)

Las manos de Sca by Virginia Isabel said...

Madre mia mas casas no puedes tener. Que envidia de que tengas tanto espacio.

Sabiha Barkey said...

Wow, so many houses and projects!
How amazing to see!


Dollhouse kitchen miniatures said...

What a beautiful little town.

Whittaker's Miniatures said...

How I wish you lived around the corner from me Christel, what a fabulous room to get away from it all and 'play' and create! The houses all are amazing, my favourite is the tree house, so different and special! Good luck moving them all. I moved 3 from upstairs to downstairs and it took me 2 days, so would hate to think of packing all mine up to move ! They say moving house is one o the most stressful things in life so what does that say for us Miniaturists who have to move not 1 house, but dozens at a time! Kate xxxx

Punto Sur miniaturas said...

Christel, that room is a dream came true!!! I'm getting green of envy, LOL!!!! The mouse house is a wonderful one. Hugs from Argentina!!!


Hei, Christel! Du vant påskeegget i min lille giveaway! Mail meg adressen din:)

Klem klem

Anonymous said...

Hei :O)
For noen nydelige ting du lager:=)

Hvor har du fått kjøpt det helt hvite dukkehuset med kvist? Står til høyre på bildet. Noen hvite hagemøbler står utenfor.

Skal anbefale denne siden til mine venninner.
Hilsen Camilla

Christel Jensen said...

Dukkehuset er kjøpt hos "Toves Dukkehus" i Bergen. Hun hadde tidligere butikk men tror hun driver hjemmenifra nå. Hun har masse fint:)

Anonymous said...

Takk for svar.
Vet du hvordan man kommer i kontakt med henne? Har hun en nettbutikk?
Har et stor amerikansk dukkehus som jeg kjøpte på ebay, men har også 3 barn hvor 2 av de er jenter.... kjekt med et hus til hver av dem :O)

Johanna said...

So many dollhouses, such a treasure trove :D

Gemma (Gempo) said...

I am a new follower (ponsxpons), incredible room is wonderful. Congratulations for your job. Best wishes

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

This is marvelous!

I especially love that mouse house! I have a friend who would simply adore that!