Monday, April 26, 2010

Doctors office

Spooky spooky or what?…This is my doctors dollhouse. He lives a simple life. Old style 50 ties kitchen and just a bedroom above his office. He looks happy though don't you think? I used a pretty cool easy photo edition from this site. Old style pictures Looks like the pictures is taken about 100 years ago.

                     oldphot4    oldphoto2                                     oldphoto1oldphoto3


The Old Maid said...

Oh yes!They do! Great photos!

Lene said...

Hi Christel. The photos looks very good. They have that old look, and make things look "worn".

Flora said...

You know that these images make me a bit 'of impression? Indeed, some 'cause for concern, do not know why ... Perhaps it is the aged photos. Give me the impression that the doctor is a bad man ... Forgive me, I'm used to seeing all your creations in color :-)
But I like this rooms, especially I like the wrought iron bed.
A hug

La Belle Cuisine by Marina said...

My husband´s office is more colorful at XXI Century... :)

I love the sepia color!

Debbie said...

Fab pictures Christel. Thank you for sharing the link. xx

Norma said...

He looks happier than a man ought to when he is standing next to a skeleton! ;) The method of making the photos look old is very interesting.

Alienora said...

I see he has company in the office:))) I love his bed room - so simply, so raw.

Christel Jensen said...

Flora cant you see he is smiling:) I don't want him to scare you..I promise he is a nice man:)
I am all about contrasts;)..Lol. It was a fun program to use.

My Realitty said...

I love old fashioned rooms with sinks in them. I put stands with pitchers and basins in them in my oler era houses. CM

synnøve said...

Great post Christel!!! I will try this for sure!!!
It is a really nice effect, but that nice old doctor did perhaps become a little more not so nice!!! :D
Synnøve xx

Natascha said...

Great Photo's


Sabiha Barkey said...

Yes, I like the effect of it!
I will try this too, perhaps with my market stall?
Than you for sharing, Christel!


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Now that's interesting!!!! Anita

Linnea´s Hage said...

Hei Christel,
Kikker innom deg av og til - har veldig lyst til å innta miniatyrverdnen igjen.
Synes nok at dette doktorhuset virket kjent, selvom bildene så gamle ut.
Og kunne gjerne tenkt meg både donuts og makroner. Selger du dem også?
Ok om jeg bruker noen bilder fra deg på bloggen ?
(Nina's Miniatyrer)

Christel Jensen said...

Hei Nina:)
Så hyggelig å høre fra deg. Ja det er huset jeg kjøpte fra deg i sin tid.
Jeg lager både makroner og donuts så det kan jeg ordne etter jeg er ferdig med messen i Paris.
Hadde vært supert om du begynte med miniatyrer igjen:)Du hadde jo så mye fint! Mye fint i stort også for den saks skyld.
Jepp det er greit at du bruker bilder på bloggen din. Ha en fin dag:)