Thursday, May 6, 2010

Tarte tatin

I was watching the Norwegian Masterchef on TV the other day and they made tarte tatin. I had never made it before so I wanted to give it a try. Inspiration comes from everywhere and sometimes out of the blue sky;)  Below you see my attempts both in large life and in mini. Slightly burnt caramel on the large, but it didn't smell or taste burnt..(most important;) I used a good amount of apples for this dessert. Mini making and normal life very often go hand in hand, and it was a fun project. I hope the French people at Simp will like my "tarte tatin aux pommes". Very French dessert I have heard:) My family liked it but they diplomatically said that they would rather prefer apple cake...I must say I do agree.  Have you made tarte tatin or tasted it before?

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Margaret said...

Tarte tatin looks great in any scale. I don't believe I have tried it, I'm certain I would remember. Is it just apple pie without the lid?
I tend to like thinkgs cooked well too, caramelising a little over-done is sooo tasty, and biscuits too.
Should be popular at SIMP.

miniacollection said...

Your tarte tatin looks beautiful. Do you know that it was invented not very far from Orléans in La Ferté Saint Aubin by two sisters named Tatin.

sylvia said...

It makes me hungry!!
Wonderful tarte

Flora said...

Hello Christel. As usual I have breakfast looking at your delicious creations: usually I can imagine the taste but not this time because I have never tried the tarte tatin in real life. I can tell you for sure that is a very interesting, either in 1 / 12 both the 1 / 1. The appearance of the miniature gives me the impression of a tasty sweet and genuine. In my opinion, will have much success! You do not know what I come to Paris and say: "Hello, I'm Flora: I take a tarte tatin".
Patience. For now I'll settle for "taste" from here :-)

Natascha said...

i love you tarte tatin.
All you food looks so real.

greetings Natascha

The Old Maid said...

They look so yummy! I am sure French people will like them!

Maria said...

Oijoi.. looking SO tasty :)

Lene said...

Hi Christel. I think both your tarts looks very tasty. I've never tasted it myself, but maybe I should give it a try. I'm sure they'll love at SIMP, they look very delicious.

Merry Jingle said...

They both look equally delicious :)

I actually love Tarte tatin, but have made my own variation of it - I add some brown sugar and cinnamon in it and sometimes hide soft toffee into it, it's delicous when it melts :) And you have to try it with whipped cream, which can also be flavoured with caramel syrup or cinnamon or what ever you like :) And you can add some roasted nuts in it also :) Bad me, messing with a traditional dessert :D


Linda Carswell said...

I have actually had this dessert. We stayed in private accommodation just south of Paris and the lady of the house did all the evening meals, this was one dessert that was on the menu....delicious!!

I'm sure they will love it at SIMP!

Linda x

rosanna said...

I like apple pie best but I shall not say it to French friends.Yours?! I love it to bits, it's wonderful !!!Rosanna

Gemma (Gempo) said...

Wonderful Christel, is my favorite dessert. Best wishes

Ascension said...

Que realismo!!!!!
Esta para comersela!!!
besitos ascension

Meli said...

Christel, at first sight I thought they were real!!!
You have made an extraordinary work!!!
My congratulations.

Mimmi said...

I love tarte tatin with whipped cream, and it`s so easy to make! Both the real one and the mini ones look good :-)

Hanna said...

Your Tarte tartin looks delicious! I have never tasted it, but it looks so yammy so I mght give t a try!

synnøve said...

I bet it tasted great... but I like the look of those minis better!!!!

dora said...

Me encanta la tarta tatin.
Te ha quedado perfecta, me estás abriendo el apetito con tantos pasteles. !Geniales!
besos y abrazos Carmen

Wendy Luane Barber said...

Wow! I cannot come to your site on an empty stomach. :) Great work.

mr. pineapple man said...

that just looks too real!

Jean Day said...

Tarte tatin looks wonderful, what a lucky family that you make it for them to eat as well!! Such lovely rich colours. I have never had it but I must look up a recipe.

Lynn B said...

Looks really delicious!

Janne said...

De så "skamgode" ut !!!)

Magda^_^ said...

I want to eat them ALL!!!!!!!!!
ehm..sorry,I'm Magda from Greece and i just fin ur blog briliant!!
REALLY lovely work!:):)

MiniLover said...

Warm tarte tatin is one of my favorite French desserts--with creme fraiche on the side. You probably already know the story of how it came to be.

Anyway, yours looks simply scrumptious! Very, very well done.


Paris Miniatures said...

OOOOOH I love it!!!!The mini version is challenging isn't it? half melted apples, I never was able to do it properly , yours looks delicious:)
And for the real version, if I may, you can easily double the amount of apples, it has to look like far too much before beeing cooked!!!!!
Both yummy anyway!