Saturday, November 27, 2010


Yesterday I put my tree house up in my living room. I wanted to show you the size of the tree house. The mice are happy about the move from the basement and mummy mouse is busy making all sorts of  foods for the holiday. ( Yes I know I am madWinking smile)Maybe you can see the small trees I put around the house. Think I will decorated it further when December comes. Not many days left now. Thanks for all comments on my giveaway by the way. You are all so sweet.

Here you can check out my previous post on my Tree house

Last picture is my dog Fride. She was also very exited about the mice moving and wanted to help…

Happy Saturday everyonewlEmoticon-smile

Mummy mouse is baking. She also collects teapots.


Tree growing oustside the tree house. Some snow has just fallen.


Daytime nap, not very successful but still she seems happy.


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Flora said...

The house in the tree creates a magical atmosphere in the living room ...
The dog seems to know that "look but do not touch"!
Mini hugs, Flora

rosanna said...

I love every bit of the tree house and your living room as well. Have fun decorating, Rosanna

Mooghiscath said...

Mais je cherchais le sapin dans la photo !! et je ne le trouvais pas !

Bravo , la maison des arbres est originale.

miniacollection said...

Your tree house is amazing. I love it and the pics you showed us are wonderful, the mice are gorgeous.
By the way lovely living room with a stunning view.

rudoo said...

It is so cute!!! I would display it too! Did you make it? And what about the little tree's? Did you make or buy them? If bought, I'd love to know where?
Jonna :-)

Lataina said...

Your living room is beautiful, and your tree house fantastic!!! =)

Ascension said...

Esa preciosa casita del arbol queda genial en tu sala.
Unas preciosas fotografias.
Le da un aire magico a tu sala.

Feliz fin de semana
besitos ascension

Susanne said...

SOOO cute, and SOOO christmas! Great places!
Love, Susanne

CLARA said...

Un salón precioso. Ahora la casa del arbol luce más. Me encanta esta casa.
Besos Clara

Josje said...

Your living room is beautiful and the tree house gives an extra cosy touch to it. So cute with the mice keeping house in there.

maria said...

I love your treehouse, i am making one myself,like you i have more things i work on at the same time.
Your livingroom looks very stylish and cosy and your dog very sweet.
What did you use on the outside of your treehouse, is that paperclay? or real bark?
Have a nice weekend.

Gemma (Gempo) said...

Wuaw Linda is a wonderful house, is incrdible. Best wishes

Teresa Martínez- IGMA artisan said...

Que bonita casa del árbol, me encanta.
Su perro es precioso!!

Debbie said...

Its beautiful Christel as is your living room. xxx

Sans! said...

I have always wanted to build a tree house as well :). Yours is soooo fun :)

Heather said...

This is absolutely wonderful! So inspiring!

Janne said...

Å for en nydelig og hjemmekoselig stue du har.
Treet var også helt aldeles nydelig. å for en jobb....imponert!

Ha en strålende dag
klem Janne

Irene said...

The tree house is such an unusual item - it's lovely and fits into the corner of your lovely living room very well.

julie campbell said...

So lovely Christel, it adds charm to your already beautiful room :0)

rashid1891 said...

Your tree house is amazing. I love it and the pics you showed us are wonderful, the mice are gorgeous.

Christel Jensen said...

Thank you:) I made the tree house with cardboard and light weighted cement. So it is sculpted. The trees I bought from a shop in Norway and the manufactures name is SIA.

lory said...

The tree house is absolutely wonderful, I like mice too, they give your tree house the right touch!