Wednesday, March 21, 2012

New movie about Marie Antoinette

Farewell, My Queen(Les adieux à la Reine)
A look at the relationship between Marie Antoinette and one of her readers during the final days of the French Revolution.

I loved Sofia Coppolas movie with Kirsten Dunst portraying Marie Antoinette. Let's see if Benoît Jacquot and Diane Kruger can top it.  Here is the Trailer for the movie


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Christel Jensen
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Lucille said...

This movie appears to be very promising. I always love to see the costumes and hairdos in historical dramas. Thank you for advertising this. I had no idea it existed!

Lucille said...

Hollywood! It takes Hollywood to make it seem like Marie-Antoinette and Gabrielle Polignac had an affair. I don't believe it for one minute. I see Gerard Depardieux is in the movie. He's one of my favourite actors! Anyways, when I wrote my first comment, I had not looked at all of the trailer, just the beginning. It was only later that I watched all of it and realized what the movie was about.

This led me to Amazon. I found out that this movie is based on a book. Through the labyrinth of Amazon, I was led to all sorts of books on Marie-Antoinette. Poor Marie-Antoinette, she was so naive and misguided! I will always care about Marie-Antoinette and her crazy, sky scraper wigs! After that, I read a biography on Gabrielle Polignac. It was all very interesting. She was a very clever and accomplished woman. She was placed in a convent at a very young age after her mother's death. She possessed much class and charisma and savoir faire. Probably her convent upbringing! I don't think I will see the movie. I would much rather read the book and a few more books on Marie-Antoinette that I discovered on Amazon.

Christel Jensen said...

It most defiantly seem more dark and different than the other "Hollywood movie" about her. I feel for her as well. Only 19 years and thrown into being queen of France. Anyway I always gets lots of inspiration as you say with the costumes but also the lovely subtle colors. Would be interesting to hear more what you will discover trough your search of books.
Looks like there are lots of it.

Amber Dawn Inventive Soul said...

Thank you Dear Christel for sharing this trailer. I love the style and colorings of this time period. Plus, it is good inspiration for minis! :)

ViLma Oyarzún said...

hello! I love tea time! your youtube tutorials help me a lot! thanks! I'm starting in this wonderful world of miniatures ... I have much to learn ...

Your work is beautiful!!!! :)

Hugs <3